Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blood Donation on campus

The Red Cross has come to our campus again to run the biannual blood donation week. This is the 40+ time that I have donated blood. But I was still a bit nervous the moment the nurse stuck the needle into my arm. Once the needle was inserted, however, I settled down and almost dozed off.

Each day, on average, 100+ people would donate 450 cc of blood on campus during the week. At the end of the week, 200+ litres of blood would be collected. It sounds a lot. However, considering that there are 10,000+ fullt-time students and staff in the university, less than 5 percent of us would donate. I am sure we can do better.

Our bodies would make up for the lost blood quickly. Other than a little discomfort when the needle is inserted, there is little or no cost to the donor. The blood, however, can be invaluable to those who need it.

Not all of us can give a lot of money to help others. Blood, however, is something most of us who are reasonably healthy can afford to give. Please join in.

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