Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marathon and frailty

Looking at the crowd running the full marathon, it is fair to say that I am older than most of the runners, by a large margin. And - although there is absolutely no chance for me to win, I believe I am fitter than most of the people at my age.

It is, of course, exhilarating to run in the marathon, to be able to complete the 42+ kilometers, to block out the excruciating pain in the thighs, the calfs, and the heels, and to run through the last kilometer in the crowded streets of Causeway Bay. Yet even deep in the euphoria that follows the finish, I could not shake the nagging sense of frailty.

My veins have become more prominent, my skin has become thinner, my muscles have lost much of their firmness, my knees have lost much of their strength, ...

More exercises, a healthier diet, less work, less stress, and more rests can help my body last a bit longer. But the inevitable is going to happen soon or later. One day my body simply will not be able to keep going. What is going to happen then?

I am not really scared; because I believe I will live on and be with God afterwards. Yet there is much uncertainty. How is it going to happen? What will it be like? There is much evidence that God is there, Jesus is His Son, and if we believe in Him we will be with Him when we pass from this world. But, still, how can we be sure since so much is not yet known? ... Is that why it is called faith - to believe in God who is not yet seen?


Anonymous said...

You are always amazing! Who is the one I respect always.


Anonymous said...
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StephenC said...

Eh ... Thank you.