Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cow etiquette

On our 印州塘 hike last week, we passed by a cow looking at us intently. Initially we thought it might have been showing us a bit of hostility.

As soon as we finished taking its picture and walked on, however, it stepped onto the path and walked nonchalantly the opposite way. It turned out it was just waiting for us to pass.

Later on, we encountered another one head on, on a similarly narrow footpath. It refused to budge, and neither did we. Actually we did think of moving off the footpath to let it pass. But it was muddy swamps on both side. We even considered retreating to the last junction to let it pass first.

A stalemate developed that seemed to last forever - in reality it was probably less than a minute. The cow decided that we were not going to move first, and stepped gracefully into the mud - to let us pass. I have to admit the cow bested us in gallantry.

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