Monday, November 16, 2009

Stone fish (石頭魚) - steamed

The stone fish is said to be the most venomous fish in the world. Its spines can easily puncture your feet through your shoes. It can cause excruciating pain, a great deal of swelling, muscle weakness, paralysis, shock, and in the extreme cases, death.

It also tastes good. The skin has to be removed, and thoroughly cleaned. Then it does not look so threatening, or ugly. You can still see its humongous mouth (centre), and huge pectoral fins (both sides). It can be steamed normally. The bones are big and hard, making it easy and safe to eat. The flesh is firm, milky white, and really good.


Chris said...

i had some really good halibut in seattle! but no green onions or anything. =(

StephenC said...

Halibut is good too. But it is practically impossible to have live halibut. And without ginger and green onions, it is missing something. :-)