Monday, November 23, 2009

印州塘 紅樹林 (Mangroves)

Went hiking with some old schoolmates yesterday. The route was: 烏蛟騰 -> 上下苗田 -> 三村 -> 印州塘 -> 荔枝窩 -> 分水凹 -> 谷埔 -> 鹿頸。 On the way, we passed by old villages, deserted villages, abandoned schools, abandoned fields, abandoned cows, 100 year old trees, saw a lot of butterflies, crabs, clams, fish, egrets, ... and lots and lots of mangroves. Here are some of the mangroves.

The most common type is 水筆仔. It drops a pencil-like fruit with a sharp end onto the soft mud. The fruit plunges into the mud, and just starts to grow. Amazing.

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