Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seven sins of university students

A poster appeared on the democracy wall in a university, accusing students of 7 sins: (1) skipping classes; (2) sub-standard homework; (3) pre-marital sex; (4) cheating; (5) selling their bodies for sex; (6) overly materialistic; and (7) abusing the democracy wall.

It is interesting to note that (1), (2) and (4) are mainly academic issues. On which the majority agrees. Those are real problems that some academics are trying hard to tackle.

On the sex-related items, (3) and (5), the votes are fairly even, reflecting an increasingly amoral attitude in the society.

Some people feel those issues are outside the scope of university education. I disagree. Morality is a critical element of a human being. And a university should provide a complete, all-rounded education for our young people. It should not limit itself to vocational, and easily measurable matters.


Chris said...

interesting. i can't begin to imagine the type of defensiveness that would arise if 3/5 were posted on some forum over here... no, it would certainly blow up.

can I get a higher-res picture so I can read the other comments too?

Winnie said...

I'm quite surprised a student post this news, and quite a lot of students support the list of the sins. But I'm not surprised the students oppose to the sins. Actually, I always feel these sins is increasing among the students, never stop. Or it is the same, just no one points out these problems!
Now, too many people can get into the university, it is difficult to control the morality of the students, even the university provided excellent all-rounded education.

StephenC said...

Please see the next post for a higher resolution picture.

Regarding the "sins", I have my own views on them, and will post when I have time.

I do agree that they are serious issues. With the exception, perhaps of the last one. I do not really see a lot of abuses. In fact, I hope to see more people writing about issues, such as this current one.