Thursday, June 03, 2010


Outside a popular stationary and toy store, a bunch of kids were lining up, jostling, and screaming. What was it about?

It turns out to be a competition of 爆旋陀螺. In the old days, we spin the 陀螺 with a piece of string, to see whose 陀螺 can spin for the longest time. The modern game relies on a mechanical device to spin the 陀螺. And seems to be more about bumping and killing the others.


Anthony Kwok said...

When the 爆旋陀螺 first comes out, I thought they were just a mere toy of kids but then suprised by its heavy clinking sound while they were ravaging against each other.

Japanese really got a knack of designing these things.

StephenC said...

Yeah. They design them well. But they seem to require less skill than money.