Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good enough?

The revised 2012 political reform proposal by the government is not a good proposal. I am not even sure whether it will not, as some people say, lead to the preservation of the functional consitituencies, in which people with special privileges hold disproportionate power. It is only that, at the moment, it seems to be an improvement over the status quo. And that both sides have made some compromises, which is not easy.

At the same time, the behaviour of some of the people involved is really disgusting. People claiming to be “democrats” attacking other “democrats” more vehemently that they did to the establishment. A “democrat” mocking another’s illness - simply because he disagrees with the other’s viewpoint.

Government officials and pro-establishment types gloating over their "victory" and mocking their opponents' mistakes. Pro-government legislators opening confessing their role is simply to provide backing to the government. A pro-government legislator complaining in the legislature that they re not receiving enough favours from the government for supporting the government. You don’t need more blatant examples of the evils of the small-circle functional constituency system.

It is not a “victory” to be proud of. Just an acceptable compromise at the moment. I would not shake hands too vigorously. Judging from the behaviour of some of the participants, sometimes I do wonder whether we are ready for more democracy.

Everyone is a democrat when one is not in power. Once in power, even if it is just a little bit of power, those who hold a slightly different opinion are treated as the enemy. How ironic. Don't people at least know 有風不可駛盡悝? Particularly those in government. Don't they realize even those who oppose their proposals are also citizens that they are supposed to serve? Aren't they supposed to be proposing reforms for the benefit of the citizens? Why did Mr. L have to gloat and mock in such an ugly way in the legislature? Why do they thumb those noses at those people they are supposed to be serving?


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