Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rice noodle roll (豬腸粉)

A piece of cloth is laid on top of a flat pan on the steamer.

A thick mixture of rice flour and water is ladled onto the cloth. It is covered and steamed for a couple of minutes.

The mixture solidifies into a soft, smooth rice sheet, and sticks to the piece of cloth. The piece of cloth, with the rice sheet sticking to it, is lifted, flipped over, and laid on a rack made of bamboo. The piece of cloth is now on top. It is allowed to cool for a little while.

The piece cloth on top is removed. The rice sheet is now laid bare on the rack. It is cut up, and rolled up. There we have our 豬腸粉. If a piece of 油炸鬼 is inserted in the middle when it is rolled up, it becomes 炸兩.

Eaten with congee, it is my favourite breakfast.


The Cat said...

I like.

StephenC said...

Yeah, good to hear that. Based on the number of times I have eaten there, this congee shop is one of my favourite restaurants.