Thursday, June 10, 2010

長者大學 (Elderly Mini-U)

During these two weeks, we (the i3Learn team of GVS) have been teaching computer classes for the 長者大學 program offered by our university. Each morning, we go over there to start the class by telling them stories about computers - the early days of email, stories about RFID and Octopus, what we can use Google Maps for, how Google changes as it grows bigger and bigger, what I use my blog for, ... Then my students would take over to show them how to set up and manage their email accounts, how to set up and register for Facebook, to enter Chinese characters, ...

These elderlies are perfect students. They would all be seated before I arrive - which is extremely unusual for my regular students. They are respectful, attentive, responsive, and appreciative. They make it so much fun to teach. It takes quite a bit of our time, and our students‘ time. But we all enjoy it, and most likely will do it again next year.

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