Saturday, June 05, 2010

June 4th Candlelight Vigil

It was the evening of the fourth of June. Of course I was at the Candlelight Vigil for those who died or otherwise suffered during the protests and subsequent massacre on the 4th of June, 1989.

I walked around a bit. As far as I could tell, the crowd filled up all 6 soccer fields, the big grass field next to the soccer fields, and the paths around the fields. An estimated 150,000 people attended. Even the police estimated that there were 113,000. (The police estimate is usually less than one half of the estimate by the organizers.) The crowd was huge, yet we were so orderly. I bumped into someone, and both of us apologized to each other profusely. It does not always happen this way in Hong Kong.

Many of my friends, and some of my students, were there - even though I did not see them. It is also good to see so many young people there. Many of them were very young, or not even born in 1989. Yet they care enough to come to show their support. Tonight I am proud to be a part of Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

And there were many others who could not be physically there at Victoria Park. I followed part of the proceedings on radio. As in the previous 20 years, I cried.

StephenC said...

Yes, we have to continue to remember those who suffered, and particularly those who are dead. We do not have the right to forget.

田园树 said...


StephenC said...

Yes. We shall be proud of it, treasure it, do our best to preserve it, and hope to spread it.