Saturday, August 09, 2014

Help from strangers

It was crowded as usual - this being a Saturday morning - on the TsimShaTsui East Promenade. I was doing my usual run, and planning to do 10 kilometers.  At one point I tried to squeeze between the crowd and a metal police barricade at the edge of the water.  I tripped on the leg of the barricade and fell.  Before I knew it, I was sprawled on the ground.  I was stunned.  My first thought was: it was so stupid of me!  I didn’t feel any pain yet, and was secretly hoping that I did not hurt myself.  

I vaguely realized a crowd was forming around me.  A burly man speaking Putonghua said something, and helped me get up.  A lady speaking Putonghua told me I was bleeding, and gave me some bandaid.  I took stock of myself.  Skin was rubbed off from both of my knees, one elbow, one finger, and one palm. Other than that, I seemed OK. I could still walk. For a moment, I considered continuing.  I realised that I should, however, go home to take care of the wounds.  

I was thankful for the Putonghua-speaking man and woman who came to my assistance. 

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