Friday, August 29, 2014

The danger of 與虎謀皮

The tiger is baring its teeth.  Communist Beijing is setting outrageously demanding bars for nominations for the Chief Executive “Election” to be held in 2017.  The intention is clear - no one not endorsed by Beijing is allowed to contest the election, guaranteeing a chief executive under its control.  Many pro-establishment types are flocking to sing praises, bad-mouth the opposition, make false accusations, …  It is plain ugly.  

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that people in Hong Kong are unhappy.  Many, perhaps the majority, would like to see a relatively open and fair election.  But this is akin to 與虎謀皮. History has shown that Communism does not work.  Most people know that by now, having seen the failures in Russia, Eastern Europe, North Korea, and elsewhere.  In an open and fair election by an educated electorate, the Communists will lose.  Hence it will not permit such elections.  

Many people are in such despair that they seem determined to Occupy Central as a protest.  As long as it is done peacefully, it is in the noble spirit of civic disobedience.  They deserve our respect, and even support.  They are speaking our minds.

What I am afraid of is that some may go overboard and become violent in the protests. Provocateurs may incite the crowd.  The police may get violent anyway in their eagerness to show their loyalty to the establishment. …  Violence does not work.  A violent revolution solves one problem but creates others.  I pray that sense will prevail, people will behave as peacefully as in June 4 vigils and the protest against "national education",  and we will not see violence. 

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Cyiu Chau said...

This long drama keeps reminding me of Aesop's [The North Wind and the Sun]. They just don't understand.