Monday, August 25, 2014

Lousy Marathon Route

For years and years, we have been running the Standard Chartered Marathon on deserted highways, tunnels, and side streets.  Only along the last couple of kilometres do we run through populated streets.   We have been told repeatedly that (allowing us to run on populated streets) would cause unbearable disruptions to traffic and businesses.  Even though we run on Sunday mornings, when most businesses are closed. 

However, several hundred people were allowed to run from Victoria Park to Charter Garden on Sunday morning, 17 August, to demonstrate against “Occupy Central”.  They were allowed to take up the whole street, on the busiest Hennessy Road, on which we were never allowed to run. 

We have ~70,000 people, almost 100 times more people than the pro-government “run”.  And our event is an increasingly popular, international sports event.  Running on populated streets would, of course, be good for the runners.  And it would also make a much better spectacle.  It can only be good for Hong Kong. 

What kind of logic is that?  Perhaps the unstated rule is: If you are pro-establishment, than anything is possible?

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