Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Opposition to “Occupy Central”

It has long been evident in Hong Kong that many people are not happy with the prospect that the election in 2017 will be tightly controlled, that only people approved by Beijing will be allowed to contest the election.  Some are advocating “Occupy Central” to show their displeasure and to press for a more open election.  

It is now evident that there is also a significant number of people who are opposed to “Occupy Central”, who are willing to accept the Beijing-style election, ostensibly because they think “Occupy Central” is bad for Hong Kong.  They deserve respect it is an honest opinion. 

However, it is also quite evident that many of the people who marched to oppose “Occupy Central” were paid, pressured, or otherwise enticed by other benefits.  This is regrettable, even despicable. 

Beijing does not allow truly open elections because it is afraid that someone disagreeable to them could be elected, that it might lose control of Hong Kong. 

If the large number of people who signed the petition and marched to oppose “Occupy Central” are genuine supporters of Beijing, then Beijing should not be afraid.  These people will vote for someone favoured by Beijing anyway, even in a truly open election.  If their number is as large as claimed, than they will win any election, open or manipulated.

So if Beijing continues to be afraid of truly open elections in Hong Kong, that can only mean only thing - that it does not trust those who profess allegiance to Beijing.  It knows that loyalty bought with money, power or other privileges is not true loyalty. 


Anonymous said...

About this OCCUPY thing:
2. IMHO, let him/her govern/ rule/ win, who provides a decent ROOF over EVERY HK HEAD: whether it be CCP, Long-hair, Whatever.
3. Because all the raging SEEMS to be due to Unaffordable Rents, Corruption, 99% vs 1%, etc. Economics.
3. Tung Chee Wah seemed to have been that person, wonder what happened to him & why. Some Bloomberg-style investigative reporting of his story would be educational & interesting indeed!

Anonymous said...

About this OCCUPY thing:
1. IMHO the only question (which nobody asks??) is: WHO WILL RID HK OF IT'S REAL-ESTATE LEECHES/ PARASITES?
2. IMHO let him/her win, who CARES TO PROVIDE A DECENT ROOF OVER EVERY HK HEAD: whether CCP, Long Hair, Whoever.
3. Because the entire & palpable RAGE etc. seems to be due to UNAFFORDABLE RENTS, CORRUPTION, hence 99% vs 1%.
4. Tung Chee Wah seemed to have been that person. Wonder what happened to him & why? Some investigative reporting, Bloomberg style, might be fascinating indeed!