Friday, August 08, 2014

Street soccer with kids in Rwanda

I was walking back to AEE Headquarters from my friend Ndoli Emile’s home in Kigali, when I heard some kids'
voices from deep inside an alleyway. I peeked and found a bunch of kids kicking a ball.  When they saw me, they seem excited but friendly.  One kicked the ball towards me, …

We had a lot of fun.  Not just kicking the ball but also with the camera.  They all wanted to take photos and to see themselves in photos.  It was not easy to get them to take turns, to point the camera the right way, and to frame the photo properly.   But they learned fast, and some of the photos came out quite good. 

I couldn’t quite figure out who was a boy and who was a girl because they all have such short hair. Except that some of them were wearing skirts.   Rwandan kids are a lot of fun.  


Cyiu Chau said...

Didn't expect to see a jersey of FC Schalke 04. What was the ball made of?

Judging by your hand gesture, your team scored 3 times?

StephenC said...

Haha. I was just asking the kid holding my camera to push the button when the count is 3. :-)