Thursday, September 18, 2014

International Service-Learning

In 2010 we took a team of 20 students to Cambodia for the first time.  We served at 3 community centres, a women’s shelter, and an orphanage.  At that time, we did not yet give academic credits to students for doing service-learning.  Even though the students did as much as - in fact, more than -  what students do in a 3-credit subject.  They did it strictly as volunteer work.  

That first Cambodia project was one of the major reasons that convinced the university that service-learning can be, - in fact, should be - credit-bearing.  They then went further and made it compulsory. 

In 4 years time, we have made tremendous strides.  In 2013-14, we offered 30+ service-learning subjects, taken by 1,900 students.  136 of those students, taking   4 different subjects, went overseas to Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Rwanda. 80 of them were my students. 

Looking back, it is nothing short of miraculous. We certainly did not expect that back in 2010.  And we did not do that by ourselves.  We are thankful to God who made it happen, who also allowed us to play a part in it. 

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