Tuesday, September 02, 2014

One Party Rule

The Chinese Communists and their supporters insist only “patriots” can be elected.  What they mean by “patriots”, however, is not someone who loves China.  They mean someone who loves the Communist Party.  That’s the reason why we cannot accept this condition.  

What did the Communists say themselves 70 years ago before they took over China?  They were opposed to one-party rule!  The above observations was made by Mr.  程翔, in an article 程翔 - 重讀《歷史的先聲》 拒絕假「普選」.   It can be found at:  http://vicsforum.blogspot.hk/2014/01/blog-post_750.html

Now that the Communists are in power, they insist that they must stay in power.  How can we have faith in such people?  What does it say about the people who declare that they believe in such people?  

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