Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Professor

My wife and I went to see “The Professor” last evening and were greatly impressed.  It was centered around a lecturer and his students. It touches on social justice, civic activism, etc., issues that are directly linked to the issues of universal suffrage, open and fair elections, protests, Occupy Central, …  The auditorium was full of students who obviously identified with the characters.  Many times they applauded what was said, about university life, professors, administrators, student leaders, …

A student leader had a run-in with the police linked to his activism.  His mother  the conservative wanted him to distance himself from his fellow activists.  His uncle the liberal lecturer wanted him to “do the right thing”.  His love-smitten girl friend wanted to help but didn’t know how, …

As concerned citizens, teachers, and parents, my wife and I see ourselves reflected in many of characters. We identify with them and feel their anguish.  We were young once, and have been in daily interaction with students and young people ever since.  We can also see things from their perspective and feel how they feel.  Often it is difficult to know what position to take, and what action to engage in.  But we are committed to helping young people think for themselves, to pursue the truth, and to do what is right.  

What we see in the play is in very stark contrast to the despicable behaviour of some of our so called leaders and high officials in charge of education.  These supposedly knowledgeable adults do not want the students to think.  They just want the young people to be obedient.  They have lost all credibility and legitimacy.  

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