Monday, September 29, 2014

Opposition to Violence

I have mixed feeling toward “Occupy Central”, just like many people in Hong Kong, I suppose. 
On the one hand, I am unhappy about Beijing’s imposition of restrictions on the election to ensure that only people it approves can get elected.  And peaceful, non-violent, civic-disobedience actions are legitimate means to voice our opinion.  Hence a peaceful, non-violent “Occupy Central” movement is worthy of resp[ect and support.  

On the other hand, I worried that some people might get overly excited, some instigators might stir up trouble, or police heavy-handedness might provoke violence. Hence I did not participate in Occupy, but had to give the Occupiers high respect. 

Unfortunately, my (and many other people’s) worries came true. As far as I can gather, from being on the street yesterday outside Government HQ, watching broadcasts, reading newspaper reports, and listening to the students who were there on the frontline, the students did their utmost best trying to stay non-violent. Yet the police were eager to deploy industrial-size pepper spray, and to shoot numerous tear gas canisters directly into the crowd of protesters. 

This is deplorable. 

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