Thursday, September 25, 2014

Iron House?

It seems like a hopeless cause.  Beijing will do anything to hold on to power.  It is not going to allow open elections in Hong Kong in which it might lose power.  It is not a matter of whether it is better to negotiate, to take a small step today hoping for a bigger step tomorrow, to protest, to demonstrate, to Occupy Central, to boycott classes.  Because Beijing knows it will lose an open election in Hong Kong, it is not going to allow it.  

On Monday, just before the start of the class boycott, a group of students at PolyU staged a small skit, of the story about an iron house in Lu Xin’s 魯迅《吶喊》自序.



“Many people are fast asleep in a house with walls made of iron, with no windows.  It is unbreakable.  They will soon suffocate, but they don’t know it.  Now you are shouting to wake them up.  Those who have been awaken is faced with inevitable doom.  Are you really doing them a favour?”

“However, since some of them have been awaken, you cannot say there is absolutely no hope of breaking down the iron house.”

Is it true?  I hope it is. Otherwise this world is too depressing to continue to live in.  

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