Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Digital Story Telling Dagon

We have two sub-projects in Myanmar this year.  One team of 10 PolyU students conduct a workshop on writing mobile phone apps using AppInventor for Dagon University students.  Another team of 10 PolyU students team up with 10 Dagon U students to conduct a workshop on Digital Story Telling for students at local government Number 2 High School.  Actually the 20 students divide into 2 sub-teams to run two classes in parallel.  

The students write a story, sketch the frames to make a story board, take still photos of individual frames, and link the still frames to make a movie.  

At Number 2 School, we offer a workshop to 20 x 2 = 40 students in the morning, and another 40 in the afternoon. So all together 80 high school students are attending our workshops.  

Whenever there is a break, the other students would crowd our windows and doorways to catch a glimpse of what is going on.  It does cause interruptions to our classes.  So their teachers would chase them away.  But they would soon come back.  

Since we are here on a goodwill mission, everything is done in a good-natured way and we do not take it too seriously.  Occasionally we tolerate our students taking selfies with the students crowding the windows, as long as it is controlled and limited.  

The background of these workshops is that Dagon is starting a credit-bearing academic service-learning program of its own this year, and we are offering our help.  I offered a workshop for Dagon staff last year.  We invited some of their staff to attend our International Conference on Service-Learning last year, and we invited their staff to attend Barbara Jacoby’s workshops in early June.  

Our partnership is progressing well. 

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