Friday, June 19, 2015

Stop Motion Animation in the Making

Here is one of the stories created by the local students.  It probably does not need explanations or dialogue.

We teach digital story telling for two reasons.  Firstly, story telling is a key element of learning.  A person makes sense of the world by integrating observations and experiences into stories.  We feel we understand something when they form sensible stories.  We also remember stories much better than facts and data.  We communicate better when the story we tell is compelling.  

Secondly, in the digital age information technology can enhance our story telling with photographs, videos, music, sound effects, and more.  

And above all, it is a lot of fun.  

Our students started by teaching the Dagon University students how to do it.  

And then they team up to teach the high school students.  

Today the high school students present their final product.  It has been quite an enjoyable week.  

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