Friday, June 12, 2015

Solar Power Charging Station Construction

We installed a solar electrical power systems for each of 45 household in Rwanda.  Each system consists of two 20-watt solar panels, for a total power of 40 watts. In less than half a day, it can fully charge a half-drained roughly 30 AmpH battery.  In Cambodia, the  objective are similar, to bring electrical power to a similar number of households. However, because the houses are more concentrated, we decided to build 6 charging stations.  At each charging stations, we install 5 solar panel systems, with 2 panel each, for a total of 10 panels.  Since there are 5 systems, 5 batteries can be charged simultaneously at each station.  With 6 stations, a total of 30 batteries can be charged at the same time.  We will also wire up 45 households, with a battery and several LED lights in each house.  Since the batteries do not need to be charged every day, we figure that the 6 charging stations should be sufficient. 

We purchased the solar panels in Hong Kong, where the students partially assembled the solar panels.  Once we arrived at Cambodia, we purchased plastic pipes to construct the frames to hold the solar panels together, and the students assembled the systems into the middle of the night.  

We also purchased the timber for constructing the charing stations.  At the village, the students started banging the nails to construct parts of the frames.  Then they banged the nails to put the different parts together. 

Then they moved the frame into place, dug 4 holes to bury the 4 posts partially, to strengthen the structure. 

Finally, the solar panels are installed on top of the frame, and the electrical connections completed.  The charging stations are now complete, ready for the batteries. 

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