Friday, March 10, 2017

Azure Window, Malta

In January, my wife and I went to see the Azure (Blue) Window on Gozo Island in Malta.  It was a beautiful natural arch formed by years and years of erosion on the limestone.  I used “was” because a couple of days ago the arch collapsed and totally disappeared.  

When we were there I climbed partly up the rocks to get closer to the arch but did not walk across.  Many people did.   Later I heard that visitors had been prohibited from climbing on the arch.  But I have also seen a video in which a man jumped off the arch into the sea below.  As he jumped, some pretty big pieces of rocks came loose and felled - a clear demonstration of what people can do to damage the arch.  

It has been said that erosion would cause the arch to collapse at some point anyway.  But I would have felt quite bad if I had contributed to the collapse.  

I don’t know whether to feel good, or bad, to have seen the arch which is no more. 

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