Monday, March 20, 2017

Street Sleepers

It seems more and more people are sleeping on the streets of Hong Kong. Many of them are building more durables abodes, such as those under the flyovers in Shumshuipo.  Some, if not all, have been served eviction notices.  But it seems some are staying put. 

There are some, though apparently fewer, under the flyovers in Yaumatei.  Right next to the police station.  

Some are relatively sheltered in the tunnels. 

Many are just sleeping on the sidewalks, surrounded by their meagre possessions.   

Some are even more basic. 

Even among street sleepers, there appears to be a hierarchy.  I remember an incident several years ago involving an esteemed professor, when our university started to make service-learning a required subject.   He argued that service-learning is not needed in Hong Kong because we do not have as much need as the USA, where there is severe poverty in the inner cities.  I challenged him to walk over to Yaumatei to see for himself to see some of the people in need.  He did not take up my challenge.  I so wish he could see it for himself.  

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