Tuesday, March 07, 2017

“Chorus" in Kowloon Park

My wife and I went to Kowloon Park on Sunday afternoon to see/listen to the sound installation “Chorus”.   It is an exhibition, a part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival.  It is an unusual exhibition, and the organisers should be applauded.   Loudspeakers at both ends of rotating arms emit different sounds and the rotations vary the sound in a rhythmic way.  

I tried to walk around and through the 13 tripods.  I tried standing up and sitting down.  I tried closing my eyes and simply listen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find the experience particularly pleasurable or soothing. 

There were a number of unfavourable factors.  It was in broad daylight, so light effects would not be effective.  There were also many people around.  In particularly, a group of young people were exercising nearby, generating a lot of noise.  I tried to ignore all the distraction, but it didn’t seem to help much.  There were some helpers around, but they did not seem to know much about the exhibition and were not of much help.  

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience.  

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