Thursday, March 30, 2017

University-Community Partnership

While many people despair of fair elections in Hong Kong, there are still many positive and constructive things that can be done for Hong Kong.  

Today we are running a symposium and exhibition of come of the service-learning projects that we are doing in partnership with the community.  While the symposium is just for today, the exhibition will stay on campus for some time.  

There is a bowling ball embedded with sensors, as an assistive device, to help the blind play bowling. 

There is a STEM project that built a doll-catching game, making use of the electrical signals generated by flexing muscle - linking biology with electronics with fun.  

A team designed a gadget to assist the elderly to wash their hair.  

A team shadowed the elderly around the public spaces around the neighbourhood to learn of the obstacles they face and find ways to improve their mobility.  

A team has spent years developing attractive material and fun games to teach English.  

And much more.  University staff and students are doing what they can to engage in community positively and constructively. Don't they deserve our applause and support?  Please come and join us.  

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