Monday, March 27, 2017

Now What?

Now we have a new Chief Executive.  One chosen by Beijing but evidently not by Hong Kong citizens.  Many people are disappointed and despairing.  Many feel we are running against a brick wall, that Beijing will never allow open and fair elections and real democracy in Hong Kong.  Some are even predicting that violent revolution is the only way to force changes.  

History has taught us that the development of a a more open, democratic, fairer and better society is not inevitable.  It is always the result of persistent efforts by the society over many many years, centuries even.  And the road is always bumpy with many twists and turns, advances and setbacks.  

In the mean time, in Hong Kong, fundamental changes in the government is not realistic at the moment.  Does that mean that there is nothing worth doing?  That we should all get out of Hong Kong because the situation is so intolerable?  Certainly not.  There is much in Hong Kong that are unfair, unjust, inefficient, ignorant, narrow-minded, and otherwise need improvement.  By working on these matters in education, housing, poverty, health, …, we are building the foundations of a better society. We are improving the quality of the community and prospects of a better society. There is plenty of room to work on these practical and worthy matters. 

So we are disappointed but should not despair.  

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YTSL said...

Minutes after the Chief Executive selection was announced, I received messages from various friends saying pretty much the same thing: "See you on July 1st". Stay angry and active. Don't give up on Hong Kong!