Thursday, December 03, 2009

2012 (2)

In the movie 2012, the trouble starts when the sun sends out a humongous amount of neutrinos, which heats up the core of the earth, which leads to disaster.

The scientist who detects the problem is Indian. But the rest of the Indians are helpless masses.

The hero, who alerts the American government, is a black American; the other hero, who tries to save his family, is a white American writer; the USA is the leader of the global project that builds huge boats in the mold of Noah’s Ark in the Tibetan highlands to save the elites and the rich; the president of the USA, who stays behind in Washington, DC, and refuses to be evacuated, is black.

A selfish billionnaire, who buys places on the boats for himself and his two sons but not his girlfriend, is Russian. The Chinese who build the boats are faceless. The leaders are all Westerners. The few identifiable Chinese are robot-like soldiers. A Tibetan family saves the American family. A Tibetan monk waits serenely as the tsunami washes over the mountains.

Such continues to be the popular American world view.


Chris said...


"Diversity. Just the thought of it makes these white people smile."
from a satirical tv show "Better Off Ted"

StephenC said...

I have to admit we all have our blind spots. I don't mean to say they are any worse than others.