Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two Seniors in 東頭邨

Two seniors cross each other’s path on Christmas Eve in Tung Tau Tsuen (東頭邨). They are probably similar in age, but are doing very differently in their lives. One is being helped in crossing the road by a daughter, and accompanied by a grand-daughter holding a great-grand-son. It is a picture of a happy cross-generational household. The other, his back bent at 90 degrees at the neck, is pushing an ice-cream cart by himself. Is he selling ice-cream? Or is he simply collecting junk with abandoned ice-cream boxes? He probably lives alone too. Why does life treat them so differently?

How do we account for the way our lives play out? Is it due to how hard I work? How smart I am? How good a person I am? What family I was born into? Is it by merit? By luck?

Is here a purpose behind it? Of course there is. But do we know what it is?

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