Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good morning, Tsim Sha Tsui (3)

Few people are around at the piers yet. So it is still peaceful. Early-rising Filipino ladies are taking advantage of the last moments of quietness to practise their singing at a corner. They have really lovely voices.

Some people say early in the morning is the best time to catch a fish. Much of the area near the pier is not really solid land, but a platform standing over the sea water. Making it feasible to fish through the gratings of the storm drains. Surely, however, the fish that one can pull through the grating cannot be very big?

A big crowd of young Indonesian ladies is forming around the MTR exit. They look very colorful and cheerful. Many of them are going to the mosque. Others are setting up to stay at the park for the day. They don't seem to have many options of where to spend their day off in Hong Kong.

Noisy flamingos are raising quite a racket at the Kowloon Park. It is fun, though, watching them from a distance.

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