Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dumbbell attack

A Form 7 student placed an “Out of service” notice on the doors of the elevator. A female neighbour saw the notice and started walking down the stairs. The young man attacked her with dumbbells. She screamed. He was arrested.

It was a bizzare incident. It was said there were some problems between the two of them before, so there was motivation. The choice of weapon was apt because the whole episode seem “dumb”. How could he have expected to get away with it?

It turned out he was under a lot of pressure because of his studies. His brother entered the Chinese University but he failed in the Advanced Level Examinations. His mother was very concerned for his future.

The victim actually was sympathetic to him, and pleaded with the judge for leniency. Many other people also pleaded with the judge. The judge decided eventually to sentence him to a rehabilitation center instead of jail.

It is a bizzare case but it highlights the pressure on Hong Kong students these days. Not getting in a good school, not getting good results in examinations, net getting into university, ..., is looked at as a disaster. Indeed, in an increasingly knowledge-oriented society, not having the proper education is a serious handicap.

But there are surely multiple ways to get an education and there are different types of education. There is always hope. It is only when we give up hope then it is a disaster.

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