Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Morning, Hung Hom

Around 6:30 AM, while most people are still in bed and the sky is just starting to lighten, this young lady has already finished doing her laundry and hanging them out to dry.

Garbage is being collected. Traffic is beginning to get heavy. Pushing the garbage carts around on the street is heavy and dangerous work. But someone has to do it.

The night market is closing up. The vendors lay out their wares deep in the night, and clean up at day break. Mostly cheap clothing, shoes, towels, toys, utensils, ... It is somewhat surprising there is still a thriving market for such cheap stuff. But there they are, every evening. The market is almost invisible because the vendors and their wares are gone before most people hit the street in the morning.

Some old folks are lining up outside the clinic already, waiting for the doctor to come in. Mostly older people. Older folks tend to have all kinds of ailments. Public healthcare is relatively cheap, but there tends to be long waits. It can be miserable when you are old, poor, and sick.

Others - mostly older people, and women, again - are lining up, but for what? Not for the minibus, the stop for which is somewhere beyond the line up. They are waiting for the distribution of free newspapers. Some for the news. Many are collecting the free newspapers to be exchanged for small change at the recycling depot just up the street. It is quite orderly nowadays; they line up automatically, waiting patiently for the newspapers to be dropped off.

Sugar cane has just been delivered to the tea and juice shop, which will not open for a few hours yet. I don't know what the young lady is waiting for. Perhaps the minibus service?

An old lady has just picked up a bag of rotten fruits discarded by the fruit store. I wouldn’t have guessed it if I did not see it happening myself. Not everyone is rich in Hong Kong. For many, it is not a very pleasant life.

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