Sunday, November 07, 2010

Animal-friendly Chile

We encountered numerous animals in the few days we were there.   There was this fierce-looking caged dog at the Central Market in Santiago.   Cats resting under the statue of some famous person near the Central Market.  A dog sleeping under the statue of another famous person near our hotel.  Another dog sleeping peacefully under the feet of a bunch of noisy primary school kids visiting the Cathedral in Plaza de Armas.  A pigeon perched on the head of some saint outside another church near the Plaza de Armas.  A horse standing patiently hitched to a cart laden with vegetables at the market in Valparaiso.  A dog named Miguel sleeping in his own doghouse in Valparaiso.  A cat that climbed onto the shoulder of one of us at the market in Valparaiso.  A sand mother rhino with young on the beach at Vina de Mar.   A friendly St. Bernard at the hotel at the ski resort Laguna del Inca up in the Andes Mountains. ...

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