Friday, November 26, 2010

Luzhi (甪直) produce

Walking through Luzhi, we found a vendor selling goose eggs.  They looked like dinosaur eggs when placed next to chicken eggs.  We were not in the mood for such large eggs.

We did buy some water caltrop (菱角).  They look sinister, and - with those sharp “horns” - they can really be used as weapons.

When cooked, the “meat” is powder-ly white.  It tasted plain, but recalled childhood memories.  I ended up eating a lot of them at the hotel later that evening.

With society getting more and more sophisticated, people lose interest in simple foods such as these - they are considered plain and boring.  Instead, people look for, and create processed foods with "new" flavor.  I am not sure it is such a good development.


Anonymous said...

Development is always destroying traditional culture, and even languages. It has gain some, and also lose some.

Stephen said...

I think development does not necessarily have to destroy traditional culture. If we really treasure culture, we will find a way to conserve and preserve it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, people all are not the same. Not only culture, many animals or plants to be extinct.

Stephen said...

That's true. Even then, we should not give up. If enough people show interest in traditional culture, it will be preserved.