Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chile - more people

... The young couple playing on the beach of Vina del Mar.  The man riding (pushing) a bicycle up the Andes Mountains towards the border with Argentina.  The electrician hanging in mid-air above the traffic on a busy street in Vina del Mar.  The whole family riding a horse together in San Jose de Maipo.  The young lady sitting across from The Lady in Los the city of Andes.  The man carrying a baby on the streets of Valparaiso.  The street performers.  The hand-holding young couple with their dog.  The lady who sold us pungent-smelling piure.  The young couple who taught us to drink beer with salt while we were eating piure.  The old lady who warned us of shoulder-bag-snatchers. ...  I love the Chileans.

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