Friday, November 12, 2010

Lady Samaritan

On a Saturday morning, S was running along the TsimShaTsui East waterfront.  He was an hour and 15 minutes into his run, and was feeling so good he felt may be he could run for 2 hours.  After rounding the old clock tower he was right in front of the Culture Centre, returning towards Hung Hom, when his right foot caught something on the ground.  He stumbled, leaned to his right and tried to stay on his feet.  In a split second, he knew he could not maintain his balance, and was going to fall.  He let himself fall to his right, and rolled over, hoping to reduce the impact. 

S found himself sprawled on the ground.  He sat up, and took stock.  Skin was peeled off and hanging from knuckles on two fingers on his right hand, and the knuckles were bloodied.   Skin was scraped off his right knee but there was no blood - yet.  His palms and wrist felt the impact but he was able to move them freely, without much pain.  For a minute he sat there examining himself.  Nobody paid him any attention, even though there were a lot of people around.  Locals waiting to get on leisure boats from the pier, and lots of tourists just looking around and taking photographs.

A lady came over and pulled S to his feet.  In Putonghua, she told S that he should get up and asked if he was OK.   S was thankful that the lady jolted him into action, him having been stunted into a half daze, and for a moment, not knowing what to do. 

S thought of walking home.  But he was a bit annoyed that his plan to run 2 hours, having been running well so far, was interrupted by a silly fall.  He knew he was not seriously hurt.  He was more annoyed at himself for being careless, and for not being able to remain in balance when he stumbled.  However, it was nobody’s fault but his own.  He decided to try to run a few steps, even though his knuckles and one knee were now quite bloodied.  He was surprised to find that he could run without much pain.  So he continued, and eventually finished his 2 hour run.  While he was running, he did notice bruises starting to form around his wrists. 

It was only later, after buying a 10 pound melon, that he realized his wrists were hurting so bad be could not lift the melon.

It was 12 days ago when it all happened.   S has almost completely recovered by now.  He is still thankful to God that he was not hurt more badly - such as banging his head on the ground.   And thankful to the lady who came to his aid.  He never found out who she was.  Although he is quite certain she was a tourist from mainland China.  Among all the people outside the Culture Centre on that Saturday morning, many must have seen him stumbled and fell.  At least one person cared enough to try to help.


Anonymous said...

Hope you would get well soon. Be careful next time.

StephenC said...

Thank you. You are very kind.

Anonymous said...

Glad that there are still kind hearted people around us. Hope you are fine now.

StephenC said...

My wrists are still a little sore - cannot really do push-ups yet. But the scratches are healed. Thank you.