Monday, November 15, 2010

Whose side are we on?

What is the Church so fearful of the Rich and Powerful?

In the case of rich Mr. L versus priest L, most people feel that priest’s offense, if any, is relative minor.  It is essentially the personal opinion of one priest at one light-hearted moment.  So why is the Catholic Church so apologetic? 

Many people have brought up - in fact, Mr. L’s associates themselves have alluded to - the fact that Mr. L is a big contributor to the church’s very large charity organization.   If the fear of losing a big donor is really a major factor, then it is really sad and disappointing.   The Catholic Church has a well-earned reputation of taking care of and standing on the side of the poor and oppressed.  In South America, in Eastern Europe, ... and even in Hong Kong. 

Now, if the Church leadership is trying to appease the rich, it is really pitiable.  First of all, God Himself is most definitely on the side of the poor and the oppressed.  It is stated numerous times in the Bible, and numerous times by Jesus Christ.  Secondly, is God so poor that His followers have to depend on the largess of the world’s rich?  I don’t think God is that small. 

It turns out this is really a test of where do we actually put our faith.  On the visible but ephemeral power of money?  Or the unseen, but just, loving and eternal God? 


Anonymous said...

People and church should have faith in God.

StephenC said...

Of course. Agreed absolutely.

Anonymous said...

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