Wednesday, July 02, 2014

7.1 March

My wife and I arrived at Victoria Park around 4:30PM.  The march was supposed to start at 3 PM.  There were so many people, we couldn't even get into the lawn, let alone the soccer fields, where we were supposed to gather. 

We didn’t get into the soccer fields until 6PM.  It rained heavily, cats and dogs, so to speak, twice, before we got out.  

We got out of Victoria Park at 7:15 PM.  By then, it was already dark.  The police blocked off much of the road, for no apparent reason.  That's part of the reason why progress was so slow.  It is as if they wanted to make it difficult for us, to discourage people to participate. 

We arrived at Central around 10:15 PM.  

This is the longest march and largest crowd that I have ever experienced for such marches.  We were peaceful.   What do we want?  Truly free elections.  Is that too much to ask?  

We are exhausted. More later. 


YTSL said...

Hi Stephen --

I got into Victoria Park at around 3.40pm and got to Central at around 10pm. So even though we began at different times, we looked to have taken the same time to complete the journey.

Unbelievable amounts of people. Unbelievable that the police estimate the number as being less than 100,000.

Well done Hong Kong people. Can do better police (and, of course, the government in general)!

StephenC said...

Yeah. This is something we can be proud of. And the government really should listen. Any responsible government would.