Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Center for Champions Rwamagana

We return to the Center for Champions, a catch-up primary school for street children.  Many are in their teens, yet have not finished primary school.  Here they try to complete 6 years worth of primary school in 3 years.  We found the computer room exactly the way we left it last year.  The 4 tables were arranged in a square around the router in the middle.  The network diagram remained on the blackboard.  But it has not been sitting idle.  

They have formed a computer club with 12 members.  These are older students more advanced in computer skills. They are mainly studying vocational diploma courses such as construction, plumbing, etc.  They meet 3 times a week to learn IT from the teachers.  In turn, they help to teach IT to the other students.  This year, we ask some of our senior students to teach the club, and some of the teachers, computer programming with Python.  They are very eager and focused, even though most of them do not have a strong background in IT.   

At the same time, another team set up a wireless local area network, with connection to the Internet.  Broadband is very expensive here, costing hundreds of US dollars for a fixed line.  Three other teams are teaching other students science, using a solar oven, an e-microscope, and many e-books.  We enjoy the experience tremendously.  

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