Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pig cooperative

One of African Evangelical Enterprise’s major operation is to organise cooperatives.  Each is composed of approximately 20 people, most of whom are women.  The members take turns to come to take care of the pigs.  They also hire two people to keep watch over the pigs around the clock.  AEE does not give them money.  Instead, it helps the people form self-help cooperatives, give them small loans, teaches them to manage their finance, teaches them more efficient methods, ...

Pigs eat almost anything, and they grow quickly, fetching good prices.  The number of pigs here have grown a lot from a year ago.  

While we were visiting this time, 2 big ones were busy making new pigs.  They contribute heavily to the growth and success of the cooperative.  

After the hard work, this big guy had to lay down to deserved rest.  

Many of our students have never seen live pigs before, let alone watching pigs mate.  They were fascinated. They certainly learned a lot about pigs from the experience.  Of course, they also learned a lot about a pig farm as a social enterprise. 

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