Sunday, July 20, 2014

Passion Bearing Fruit

We return to a passion fruit farm that we “helped” to water last year.  Most of the plants were barely a couple of feet tall a year ago in the summer of 2013. 

Today the farm is a beauty.  The plants are tall and strong, the fruit bountiful.  

The flower is fantastically intriguing.  It looks like something that a child blessed with wild imagination would create.  But perhaps not by a level-headed adult, who might find the design unnecessarily complicated. 

The unripe fruit is green.  It is ripe when it turns dark.  

The proud owners of the farm are full of smiles.  The fruit is very popular in Rwanda, and brings in a lot of money. We are proud to have been allowed to be involved in it. 


YTSL said...

I first tasted passion fruit (and its juice) in Tanzania. At some restaurants, I couldn't help but laugh when the servers asked me "Do you want mango or passion?" in reference to the kind of juice drink they had available! :b

StephenC said...

I assume you would say, "passion, of course!" :-)