Monday, July 14, 2014

Rwandan African Church

This Sunday we attended a Kinyarwanda-speaking church in Kigali.  It is near the top of a mountain across a valley from the city center.  

We have to drive up a very steep dirt road to get there.  At one point, the 4-wheel drive has to gun its engine and build up sufficient momentum before attacking a particularly difficult section.  

At the top, we look down on the tall buildings at the city centre across from the valley. 

The singing was very rhythmic and enjoyable.  The preaching by a pastor from Burundi was energetic as expected.  

At the end, we were pulled out into the aisles to dance with pretty much the whole church.  It was wild and fun.  

The pastor is an Rwandan exile who returned from Uganda right after the civil war in 1994.  The pastor’s wife is also Rwandan but was born in Uganda. She now works for AEE Rwanda.  Her English is excellent; so is her translation.  

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