Saturday, October 25, 2014

Business as Usual in Mongkok

While Occupiers make speeches, paper umbrellas, pitch tents, stock supplies, provide medical service, study and sleep, shops on both sides of Nathan Road continue to open for business.  

If Occupy Central (Mongkok) is truly as violent as pro-establishment types claim, would the jewellery shops continue to open, with Occupiers right outside their stores?


YTSL said...

Hi Stephen --

Earlier this evening, I had a conversation with someone who sincerely believed that the protesters are violent people who attack the police with knives and other weapons.

I really don't know how sane and intelligent people get ideas like this -- and about Mongkok and also Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay being so unsafe they cannot venture there. It's the fears, not the actual protests, that are causing lots of lost business.

If only people could truly see... :S

StephenC said...

Yes, there are a lot of mis-information. Many pro-establishment types are purposely spreading rumours of great disturbance to discredit the Occupiers. That's typical of the Communists.