Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Occupy Mongkok

I approached the site from the east on Argyle Street.  There were barricades starting from Sai Yee Street. 

A number of cars were parked there in the middle of the road, right in front of one of the more serious-looking barricades.

Some tents were set up at the junction of Nathan Road and Argyle Street. 

There were a few hundred people there.  Some were sitting on plastic sheets, listening to impromptu speeches and reading newspapers.  

Most were just milling around, reading posters plastered on stalled buses and just about anywhere. People seemed relaxed.  The place was clean and tidy.  There were supplies available. 

A Chinese medicine practitioner offered his services to the protesters. A man was criticising Kowloon Motor Bus of trying to put the blame (of traffic obstruction) on the protesters, instead of doing what they could to reroute the buses.  

I walked towards the south along Nathan Road.  

The blockade started as far south as Dundas Street.  But no one was manning the barricades. 

To the west, there were barricades on Portland Street, where some trucks were parked.  Some bare chested men were playing cards. 

To the north, the symbolic barricades were as far as Lai Chi Kok Road.  

It was calm and peaceful, at 10 AM in the morning.  In the evening, however, it could be quite different.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates! i'm going to be visiting soon and living near the Mong Kok area. This has helped me understand how best to get about the area!

StephenC said...

You are welcome. Please tell us what you think of it.