Thursday, October 02, 2014

Occupy Mongkok - October 2

A large crowd continued to gather at Occupy Mongkok.  Many people made speeches.  It seems basically anyone can have his or her 2 minutes of fame. 

One man contradicted some high profile Christians (such as certain legislator) who were saying that Christians should submit to the government.  He pointed out that Jesus drove money lenders out of the Temple, demonstrating that Jesus was not always submissive to the government.  That Jesus can also be said to be anti-establishment. 

Occupy Mongkok continued to be well-organised, and orderly.  

Everywhere people stress non-violence.

Love, peace, respect. 

At the northern end, it appeared that some people tried to dismantle the barricades.  According to some bystanders that I talked to, those dismantlers spoke Cantonese with a Putonghua accent.  The garbage cans now leaning against the fence on the side of the road were originally part of the barricades in the middle of the road; they were dragged away from the barricades.  Apparently some protesters confronted the dismantlers, the police came to stop the confrontation, and it was now a stand off. 

I went closer to have a look, and found myself standing next to a big man wearing a blue ribbon.  He was complaining to several middle-aged persons around him that he did not like the blockade.  I hurried away before other people associated me with him.  I am not sure whether they were the dismantlers. 

This is a worrying development.  

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