Sunday, October 05, 2014

IT for Occupy Central

We have been running service-learning projects for a number of years.  Gradually our staff have been making increasing use of IT and the Internet to manage the preparations, multiple locations, and operational logistics.  We use GoogleDoc to plan, to manage our supplies, and the logistics.  We use GoogleMap to manage the multiple locations.  We use GPS to plan our travel. 

It is interesting to note that the Occupy Central people are doing very similar things.  There are online maps that lets you see where the sites are.  You can zoom in to see where are the supply stations, toilets, etc.  

Some universities have maps that focus on their own student groups. 

There are also GoogleDoc documents for managing supplies, the needs, and even surpluses. They are also recruiting programmers online to help with the software development.  

I am a little concerned that the system is quite open, and there are some fairly obvious vulnerabilities. But I am not going to discuss them here for obvious reasons. I am just hoping that they are alert enough to protect the system.  Quite obviously, the information shown in these screen captures are all publicly accessible but outdated.  Hence they are not of much use to anyone.  Except to demonstrate intelligent use of IT, for a good cause. 

It also shows that the Occupiers are much ahead of the anti- forces in terms of sophistication in technology. 

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