Sunday, October 05, 2014

Time to Go?

10 o'clock in the morning, October 5th, only a small group of protesters remained at Occupy Mongkok.  But it is a resilient bunch.  They have weathered many days and nights of onslaught by anti-Occupiers. And they have stayed.  

A young man was lying on a tarpaulin, with his mother hovering over him, trying to sooth him.  

There were a lot more police this time.  When an argument got rather heated, they stepped in and tried to calm people down. 

An agitated man tried to dismantle the central tent.  The police quickly stepped in and whisked him away, while he continued to shout excitedly. 

He was saying the Occupiers were disrupting his work, his business.  

I really think it is time for the Occupiers to go.  They have demonstrated how strongly we Hong Kong people feel about democracy and an open election.  But there is truly a significant number of people who do not agree with this method of protest, for a variety of reasons.  

More importantly, the tempers are fraying.  There is too much risk of violent confrontation.  The struggle for democracy is a long fight.  We should avoid shedding blood. 


nulle said...

another sheep/coward at work. You certainly will love Stalin, Lenin...

'Those who surrender freedom for security (real or economic) will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.'
-- Benjamin Franklin

StephenC said...

You are entitled to your opinion. But you probably misunderstood. In any case, we are not your enemy.