Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A bend in Huang He (Yellow River 黃河) near its source

This is a bend in Huang He in Qinghai, the closest to the source of the Yellow River that I have even been to. And it was just beautiful. The river turned 180 degrees in a sharp bend.

The sun was setting when we got there, the moon has already risen, and the last sunrays painted everything yellowish.

I have already seen Huang He near Hancheng (韓城), between Shaanxi (陝西)and Shanxi (山西), in the middle ranges of Huang He. There the river was wide and muddy, really yellowish.

I have also seen Huang He at Lanzhou (蘭州), in Gansu (甘肅). There it was angrily, boilingly reddish-yellow in summer; but clear and greenish in winter.

Now I have seen it even closer to the source in Qinghai(青海). It was clear and greenish-blue in winter, much like it was in Lanzhou. It seems the closer it was to its source, the clearer and greener it gets.


田园树 said...

Hello! Happy new year!
Do you often travel to western China?

The latest post on my blog talked about poor children in China. I think you may have your opinion on Chinese education system.

StephenC said...

Not as often as I would like to.

I am a firm believer of education. A large part of the problems in China in the past 2000 years was that education was available to only a very small number of the elite. We should do all we can to make it accessible to as many as possible. I try to do my share of it in my way.

A Happy and Fruitful New Year!

田园树 said...

Thank you!
I am thinking what kind of education is needed. Poor in spirit is much more serious than lack of money. Brain-washing is an important part in Chinese education system in the past and even now.

田园树 said...

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